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Mar 3, 2012 11:00pm PST
sounds of friday are now just a memory. for towns like henry felt, indiana, this is the new reality. homes wiped out and lives lost. >> the randomness of a tornado is amazing. one home destroyed, one is not, one person dies, one does not. >> stairs leading to nowhere is a sign of the ferocious fault -- the ferocious feet. from texas to indiana, kentucky and georgia. 17th million people were in the deadly path. >> you could hear people praying, god, let us get through this. >> in the hours after the terror came stories of survival. >> we were in the core of the building when a tornado had hit. no one was injured. >> something to be thankful for despite the devastation. entire neighborhoods are flat and the spirits are strong. >> we have a lot of good friends, we still have our family. what more could we ask for? some >> people that live here are resilience, god-fearing in the tough. we are knocked down but we're not knocked out. its costs >> equipment is already in place to clear away with the storms knocked down. another town's small and population, but big its determination to come
Mar 23, 2012 11:00pm PDT
very, very scary drive to the basket. >>> kentucky, indiana. the ncaa top-draw tonight . kentucky they've got more than likely four first round draft choices. darius miller. 102-90. they'll face baylor on sunday. >>> other winners , baylor, north carolina, and kansas. >>> andrew bogut hoping to shake an injury. >> it's always great to play in the olympic games. the greatest for your country, and i've been fortunate enough to go to two. i'd like to go to three, but if i'm not 110% healthy, i'm not going to go to the olympic games. >> you know what you do for as much time as you're going to spend, haven't prorated your contract, and let the government pay for your time. [ laughter ] >> that's a good one! it might not fly down there, but we'll give it a go! >> i appreciate you getting to see that. that's investigative reporting. you know what i mean? when you get involved with the australian government, it takes me from a little toy department guy to a head of state dealing with heads of state. >> that doesn't happen every day. >> couple times a week. >>> golf is going to be pretty h
Mar 4, 2012 11:00pm PST
from indiana to georgia. the victims are as young this toddler, found in a field miles from home. she died from her injyl >> interview: we have h))o0ç8çb through a lot. everything. that anyone can imagine. kentucky, the national guard is helping them comb through debris. what they unimaginable. >> interview: in all the towns i have been o÷brdmcoroner i hav never seen bodies in the conditions that they are in. >> 1Ñóg(c@reporter: despite the heartache, these towns are forging ahead. 't8h&le, indiana, it was sunday mass as usual in st. francis catholic church. next door om+l=yvithe public sc in ruins. vickie horen was among the few dsschool ren was among the few when the tornado hit. >> interview: we huddled together, #6épl9wsang, kept the calm, prayed. >> reporter: they will weather the recovery is wxaú&qÑ/same wa relying on their faith and one another. >> interview: we can look out 0çecember oh laying and see just desolation, or see a new beginning. >> reporter: the at st. francis appears to be choosing the latter. despite aid $t4tjziwfrom state federal officials local offici
Feb 29, 2012 11:00pm PST
, in indiana. but david lee, 78 a piece at the finish. 22 point, 12 rebounds. and warriors quinn 85 -82 -- win 85-82. >>> jeremy lin does it again tonight. watch the game, you think maybe he's going to start to slow down. came through though. 19 points, 13 assists, 5 rebounds, only one turnover against cleveland, and he got beat up here. bloodied and battered. he went to the bench, came back and led the knicks over the cavaliers. jeremy lin, first time he's gotten beaten up a little bit and came back. no slowing that guy down. >>> kobe bryant has a broken nose, wore a protective mask. 31 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists. he's one of those guys everybody thinks oh, he can't play. that's when he really gets off. 104-85. >>> ucla hoops has been hit with a dagger by sports illustrated. this is just -- this stuff better be true because it's ruined ben howard. the store goes on there's widespread drinking, drug abuse among players. other issues, that the players are continually finding. one player urinating on another's clothes. they're talking back to the coach. >>> usa soccer has not beat
Mar 6, 2012 11:00pm PST
. >>> montana's ledge -- they will announce tomorrow, have a big press conference with the indiana folks there, peyton will be there. after 14 years, they're going to draft andrew luck ever stanford, no. 1. and peyton is free to go to another position, another franchise. he has had four neck surgeries in 19 months. but he's been working out, and supposedly looks pretty good. we'll wait and see. peyton manning and the colts officially part company tomorrow. >>> bounty gate. their team had a bounty system in place. and the video everybody keeps showing, the saints beating up on brett favre over and over again. and the way this works they're going to be hit with a major fine, no inclination now. but most people who follow this say it'll be the biggest fine in nfl history. >>> a legendary nfl name has been imcased. joe -- implicated, joe gibbs. one of those guys who just -- very supporter youual. and -- spiritual. and he would walk through the locker room waving $100 bills if they knocked the quarterback down. >>> randy moss wants to play, got a workout with new orleans. the saints fro
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5